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This handpainted oyster shell is a special of the ‘Nanking Cargo’-series.

The ‘Nanking Crago’ is a shipload of Chinese porcelain. Around 1750 a VOC ship departed from Zeeland to collect gold, tea and porcelain in the East. On the way back to Middelburg the ship sank in the Chinese South Sea. As many as 80 boys and men drowned, 32 survived. Their stories were recorded in Batavia. The load, many plates and bowls, sank to the bottom and remained there for more than 200 years, protected under a thick layer of tea. The porcelain was surfaced in 1986 and sold for millions at Christie’s.

The auction lots were classified according to the motifs on the porcelain. You will find a number of these motifs painted on oysters. With these oysters you can create a unique collection of the Nanking Cargo. Matching the crockery, you can create a very special table setting or showcase or give a wonderful gift.

This special is packed in a wooden oyster basket. Enclosed is a booklet with a certificate of authenticity with the type, maker and story of the Nanking Cargo.