.diptych .lex pott

.diptych .lex pott

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diptych lex pott

in collaboration with new window lex pot developed a series of products made from one single tree. he sandblasted each pieces he cut from the tree. in this way the difference in hardness of the winter- and summer wood becomes visible. it leaves the harder winter wood after blasting away the softer summer wood.
the core of the tree provides the wood for the room divider; the most spectacular piece. but the matches could be special gift as a storyteller about the seasons or a gift for someones last sigaret.

more information about the project: www.newwindow.nl

material: douglas pine tree

match sticks: 4 x 8 cm
panel: 27 x 18,5 x 3 cm
wall cabinet: 79,5 x 21,5 x 21 cm
room divider: 88 x 181 cm



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