.eau d'amsterdam .perfume

.eau d'amsterdam .perfume


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  • original
  • travel diffuser

Eau d’Amsterdam perfume
glass bottle with classic pump diffuser or travel diffuser
50 ml

scent of the leaves and wood of the elm tree.

Eau d’Amsterdam perfume takes you to another time and place; the historical canals of Amsterdam. Where the elm trees blossom in springtime, spreading their seeds as natural confetti throughout the city. – like spring snow.

Artists duo ‘Tijdmakers’ created a perfume solely made of the scent notes of the elm tree. a top note of the green fresh leaves. And a base note of the warm wood. This unisex perfume is subtle yet full of character.

Saskia and Lieuwe Martijn from ‘Tijdmakers’ came to the store a long time ago and I knew right away their concept would fit the collection of matter of material.



Eau d’Amsterdam from virtualrobert on Vimeo.

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