moya birch bark gift tags .anastasiya koshcheeva

moya birch bark gift tags .anastasiya koshcheeva


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  • 6 x long (3 x 11,5 cm)
  • 6 x short (3,7 x 7 cm)

make your gift order complete with these tags made out of birch bark.
a set of 6 gift tags in a long or short version. Including strings.

designer anastasiya Koshcheeva keeps an old siberian tradition alive with het birch bark collection.
the tags are strong, writable and make a gift extra special.

the bark is harvested once a year and is given a particular care to ensure that the inner layer of the bark is not damaged in the process, so the trees remain unharmed.
Naturally occurring substances in the bark ensure that the birch trees survive even the leanest nutrient conditions and the harshest weather and are fully renewable within 20–25 years.

available in a set of 6 tags of one size.

short: 3,7 x 7 cm
long: 3 x 11,5 cm

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