• porcelain tableware .aldo bakker

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the porcelain table ware of aldo bakker is an ode to the ‘pouring-ritual”. every item in the collection is designed for its use in the most essential way; with the oil can you can pour by a drop. the vinegar flask has a an extra bowl attached so you can see the amount of vinegar before you use it, even as the black salt cellar. the horizontal water carafe fills your glass with almost no movement. and the stackable oil platter has a little “island” where you can put the salt for dipping the bread.

oil can: 10 x 4,5 x h 10 cm
oil platter: 15 x 13 x h 11 cm
salt cellar: 7 x 12 x h 3 cm
vinegar flask: 11 x 7 x h 12 cm
water carafe: 25 x 10 x h 10 cm

the oil can can be used for oil or milk and is also available in fine silver (edition of 15) as well as the salt cellar.

  • selected by matter of material for the ‘kwab design store’ at Rijksmuseum amsterdam.