porcelain watering can .aldo bakker

porcelain watering can .aldo bakker

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the porcelain watering can by aldo bakker is an iconic design in a white bone china or porcelain in 15 beautiful colours.

the white bone china is a very firm and fine porcelain that is fired at a high temperature. Because this porcelain can be cast thinner, this watering can is translucent and gives it an extra quality.

the 15 coloured porcelain cans are each made in a numbered edition of 15. (just about 2 of each colour still available).

All functional parts of the watering can have been translated into a tube. The handle is a reservoir for water, just like the actual container and spout. The oval shape of the tube enhances the graphic quality of the object.

bone china: 23 x 1,6 x 20 cm
porcelain: 20 x 1,6 x 20 cm

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