.ystudio .stationary collection


.ystudio .stationary collection

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  • portable ballpoint white
  • portable ballpoint black
  • portable ballpoint red
  • rollerball
  • mechanical pencil
  • ballpoint pen
  • pen case
  • pen container
  • pencil lead box
  • paper weight
  • magnet set
  • fountain pen portable
  • fountain pen portable brassing
  • fountain pen desk
  • fountain pen desk brassing
  • ballpoint penn brassing
  • sketching pencil 2 mm brassing
  • post cards booklet
  • ruler brassing
  • brass tape dispenser

Material: brass, copper

The thaiwanese ystudio stationary collection stands out for its exquisite materials, but even more for its functionality. the pens are heavy enough to provide a stable grip, yet balanced enough to provide smooth, clean lines and writing. Its quality and durability make this collection a lifetime investment for all your ideas.

sketching pencil: 15,7 cm leads: 2 mm


Use & Care

The bronze casting of this pen will oxidize with usage. One may choose to keep it that way and cherish the user’s tracks as a sign of its intensive usage or re-polish the pen with bronze oil until it regains its original shine.

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