.above sea level vase .klaas kuiken

.above sea level vase .klaas kuiken

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  • small vase d28
  • low vase b9
  • high vase c19
  • table b15

The newest product of Klaas Kuiken. Like his Bottle vases, this is a result of industrial production, with a handmade approach. a collection of 3 porcelain vases and even a porcelain side table.

the molds are created by carving styroform giving the vases a texture like icebergs. the name and numbers refer to specific and actual icebergs that rice above sea level.

small vase d28: 23,5 x 12,5 cm
low vase b9: was 25 x 20 cm
high vase c19: 31 x 14,5 cm
table b15: 31 x 44,5 cm