.b-set white .hella jongerius

.b-set white .hella jongerius

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Hella Jongerius focuses on the concept of ‘imperfection’. she experimented with porcelain clay by firing it at a high temperature, which distorted each piece. This is how she developed the method for producing the B-Set, in which each piece acquires its own unique character and regains its individuality.

From 1999 it was produced by Royal Tichelaar makkum. Now, ironically, this imperfection-series is handmade by the perfectionists of studio zand.

beaker small: Ø 7 x 6 cm
beaker large: Ø 7 x 11 cm
bowl small: Ø 13 x 9 cm
bowl large: Ø 20 x 12 cm
plate small: Ø 20 x 2 cm
plate large: Ø 25 x 2 cm
carafe: Ø 12 x 25 cm