.gelderlander fabric horse .christien meindertsma

.gelderlander fabric horse .christien meindertsma


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A fabric horse by christien meindertsma made of left over fabric pieces from Dutch furniture manufacturer Gelderland.

the selvedge of the fabric forms the mane, the tail consists of the chain removed from the fabric and the filling consists of residual material that is used in the production of sofas. The legs are each provided with a wooden claw that is used in the manufacture.

recycle, upcycle, desicle or artcycle; this new addition to the christien meindertsma collection is again a wonderful and dear product that embodies the origin of materials.

the color and type of fabric will vary all the time, so each is unique or very limited.
material: wool, cotton, wood
aprox. 35 x 30 x 6 cm

• at this webshop you can choose yours; the one you select in our webshop is the one you will receive.•


The Dutch furniture manufacturer Gelderland has been making high-quality sofas and chairs since 1936. When cutting out the upholstery fabrics, they inevitably end up with residues on the sides of the fabric.
On behalf of Gelderland, Christien Meindertsma devised a way to use these sides. She designed the “Gelderlander”.

De Gelderlander is a also powerful warm-blooded horse breed that is characterized by its reliability, obedience and long life. The breed was previously bred in the province of Gelderland as a versatile work or police horse and is still used as a carriage horse at the Royal Stables.

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