.flax light or rope lamp .christien meindertsma

.flax light or rope lamp .christien meindertsma

 190,00 740,00

excl. vat for customers outside the eu during checkout.

  • flax light 5 meters
  • flax light 10 meters
  • flax light wall 5 meter
  • flax light wall 10 meter
  • flax extension cord 5 meter
  • flax extension cord 10 meter
  • flax light 5 lights

The flax light or rope lamp by christien meindertsma are part of her ongoing flax project.
produced in the netherlands in collaboration with traditional rope makers. the idea is simple yet clever; ordinary light elements captured in flax rope.

available products:

• Flax light: 5 or 10 meters of rope + white porcelain socket (E27) + black rubber plug (eu)
• flax light wall: same as above + an integrated loop
• flax 5 lights: 10 meters of rope + 5 integrated split-off’s. based on the 5 ‘ears’ of the flax plant
• flax extension cord: 5 or 10 meters of rope + plug + contraplug (check the showmodel in sale)

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