.flax pigeon .christien meindertsma

.flax pigeon .christien meindertsma


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  • fine
  • medium
  • rough

material: flax linen, flax seeds

28 x 10 x 19 cm

the idea for the flax pigeon comes from a permanent installation for Texture Flax Museum (Kortrijk, BE) in 2014.
this installation of christien meindertsma consists of 200 pigeons spread across the building.
Her inspiration came from the traveling and espionage pigeons that were locked into the building of the
Linen Thread Company – which today is Museum Texture – during the First World War.

these pigeons are created with 100% flax. The linnen comes from different flax weavers in Belgium
and each fabric has its own structure. The pigeons are hand made and are filled with flax seeds.

the specific linen fabrics may vary and are categorized by the weaving texture; fine, medium and rough.

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