.graphite .art print

.graphite .art print

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for customers outside eu: excl. 21% vat during checkout.


the graphite scribbled dot is our own logo. during the start-up of the store i knew it would be all about material. carbon, graphite, is a material to be found throughout the universe and has many forms. and, for me, in arts a graphite pencil is the base material for creation.

to develop the logo i just started to scribble a dot and added the name. nothing more, nothing less. now i made these art prints without the name and printed it on semi translucent polyester. This makes the drawing softer and also shows a bit of the the wall, or anything what’s behind the art print.

i would suggest to just hang the print with 2 clips on some nails. or hang it i front of a window. if you would like to frame it just place some white paper behind. or, play with it and choose another material that could shine through.

available in two sizes:

a1 size: 59,5 x 84 cm, signed and numbered edition of 50.
a0 size: 84 x 119 cm, signed and numbered edition of 6.

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