.hand painted oyster .zeeuws blauw

.hand painted oyster .zeeuws blauw


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hand painted oyster by ‘zeeuwsblauw’ is a traditionally deft-blue decorated oyster shell.

enjoy a fresh oyster or harvest a beautiful  pearl. and then the left over shells are given a new value;  the pearl-white inside of the shell is hand painted in the netherlands with a traditional Delft blue pattern. i love the result. they make a beautiful decorative piece of art.

‘zeeuws blauw’ is located in the south-west of the netherlands; zeeland (sealand). this is the area famous for their oysters. so what to do with all the left over shells? the ladies of ‘zeeuws blauw’ are true craftsmen.

size vary approximately between 12 to 19 cm.
you can choose the one for you: every oyster is unique, the one you select in our webshop is the one you will receive. a perfect unique, extraordinary gift.




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