pure carafe & tumblers .willem noyons

pure carafe & tumblers .willem noyons


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‘pure’ is a mouth blown carafe and tumblers set designed by willem noyons in 1994. the year I started my first year of art school.
i remember being intrigued by the proportions; they made the set elegant and bold. I still love it and love to show it to you now.

the designer started with the tumbler; it has the same height as his own hand. Then the carafe was made by placing the tumbler on top of a sphere holding one litre.

the tumblers are stackable and one tumbler also serves as a stopper.
carafe and tumblers are separate items to order.

mouth blown in czech republic.
pure and honest design.

Carafe, 1 litre  € 39,-
22 x Ø 15 cm

4 tumblers € 39,-
8,5 x Ø 7,5 cm