the dutch design label ‘t.e.’ was the primal motive to start the shop ‘matter .of material’.

‘in 2013 i contacted thomas eyck (t.e.) to present my idea to start a shop for his complete collection. until then a few shops, all over the world, just sold the highlights. i thought it was time for people to become aquainted with the hidden beauties of the collection as well. so from the start of ‘matter .of material’ it has been the showroom and premium reseller of t.e.

‘i embrace the curating process of thomas eyck. because of that i will pursue his vision for curating my store ‘matter .of material’ to create a extensive coherent collection.’

arne leliveld.

about t.e.

thomas eyck publishes and distributes characteristic and exclusive contemporary design products.

t.e. values the care and love for choosing materials to work with, its producers and production techniques as well as the skill and creativity of its designers. thomas eyck: ‘i believe that the union of design and material and a careful process of product development – from the first idea until the ‘finishing touch’ – are very important.’ yearly one or two designers are commissioned to design a series of products in a given material; the collection develops slowly. read: carefully.