.about blanks .notebook

.about blanks .notebook

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The about blanks notebook has a cover of an old, recycled book. The inside is totally new and blank for you to fill in.

The notebooks (or sketchbooks) are handmade with old, recycled book covers. in a social employment facility, where people with a disability or poor job prospects can get a job and through this participate in society. they do a really good job! every inside is fitting perfectly the recycled cover.
All About Blanks are filled with unlined blank sketch paper. The sketch paper comes from responsible sources (FSC). The paper has a light cream shade and the texture makes it perfect for sketching and making notes.

The recycled book covers give a little history and creative input. for writing your memoires, drawing a portret of your best friend or some telephone scribbles.

prices are based on size and amount of pages (mentionned when you select a notebook).
All books are unique, the one you select is the one you will receive.



.about about blanks

When I met Kjell, founder of the ‘about blanks notebook’ I immediately loved his clever and inspiring idea. Kjell about his project:
“The idea of what would later become ‘About Blanks’ started a couple of years ago. It all happened at the library where I used to get fascinated by the looks, textures and smell of the covers of old books. I have been using sketchbooks my entire life, so it did not take very long until I decided to use a book cover of an already existing book to make my own sketchbook. Shortly after the first one, I made another one for a friend of mine, another one for my mom, another one for my aunt… Before I knew I found myself starting up a business!”.