.kaffeeform .recycled coffee cups

.kaffeeform .recycled coffee cups

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These kaffeeform recycled coffee cups are made of recycled coffee!

for the true coffee lover. coffee cups made of recycled coffee grounds. we may all know bio-plastic; a fully biodegradable ‘plastic’ made of, for example, potato or bamboo. But this bio-plastic is made with coffee used grounds.

So these 3 different coffee cups are recycled and recyclable. But there is no reason to recycle these cups; They are very strong and can simply be washed in the dishwasher for endless use. because of the color, the material reminds me a lot of the old-fashioned bakelite. but lighter and unbreakable. when you open the package you can still smell the roasted coffee a bit.

the kaffeeform recycled coffee cups are available in espresso size, cappuccino/latte size and a to-go travel cup.


espresso cup & saucer: cup 9 x 4,5 cm, saucer 12 cm, 60 ml.

latte cup & saucer: cup 10,5 cm, saucer 15 cm, 290 ml.

Weducer travel cup + lid: 9 x 13 cm, 300 ml.





love recycling? check out the recycle & upcycle collection.

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