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material: glass

These are glass products from a series Atelier NL will create out of sand from the dunes, beaches, rivers, deserts, mountains and sandpits. After intensive research and experimentation, designers Nadine Sterk and Lonny Ryswyck of Atelier NL managed to melt local ‘wild’ sand dug from the Zandmotor and savelsbos, into unique objects of glass.

The collection is called ‘ZandGlas’. Each piece is made from fused sand, forming a magnificent set composed of a carafe and three drinking glasses of varying size. These are tangible objects made from sand. They are beautifully crafted and tell a stunning narrative about the origins of the Netherlands and the sea, currents, winds, rivers, time and mankind.

carafeØ 10 x h 23 cm
large glass: Ø 8 x h 9 cm
medium glass: Ø 10 x h 7 cm
small glass: Ø 8 x h 5 cm

first edition: Zandmotor .sold out

second edition: Savelsbos