.tectonic vase .humade

.tectonic vase .humade

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tectonic vase by humade for cor unum

material: porcelain or recycled glazed earthenware (Reglaze) or earthenware
all about 26 – 30 cm.

clearly there is a link with their own ‘new kintsugi repair-kit‘. But the designers of humade based the idea for this vase on the earth’s crust (tectonic plates); the world is constantly changing. By enlarging the ‘cracks’ in the vase, traces of change are recognized. The strength lies in the ever-changing balance in which nothing can exist without its opposite.

The Tectonic vase is produced in collaboration with Ceramic atelier Cor Unum and is available in two versions;
Both in a different material with its own unique appearance and slightly different dimensions.

Porcelain: a matte blue-grey porcelain colour and the cracks are highlighted with a transparent glaze.
Earthenware: matte glaze on the outside and the the cracks are unglazed.


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