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paper .75 cm x 9 m

“colour-based on nature” consists of a book and seven different wallpapers, derived from UNESCO nature sites in every continent.

The book “colour-based on nature” provides an intriguing analysis and graphic exploration of colour through an examination of 80 UNESCO nature sites, ranging from Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the Jungfrau in Swiss. Each double folded page takes on a specially printed individual colour and is perforated into strips, playing on the idea of a colour sample book. Opening of the double page with a blunt knife or letter-opener reveals an abstract colour diagram of a nature site and provides for a reflection on the beauty of colours in nature.

seven colour diagrams are been translated into wallpaper. This wallpaper is developed in close cooperation with Eijffinger, founded in 1875. The wallpaper is printed on a new developed non woven in a special width of 75 cm. With the book and the wallpaper Irma Boom shows again why she is considered as one of the leading graphic designers of the world.